Managed Private Networks

Vastnet Managed Private Networks - Built for business

As communications technology improves, businesses are increasingly capable of being distributed across multiple sites. Vastnet Managed Private Network service takes the headaches out of connecting distributed sites together into a single, cohesive, and secure private network. Our extensive network coupled with our global partnerships, allow us to connect you to your business assets anywhere in the world.

Made to Fit

Our service level agreements are flexible and customisable to suit the specific needs of your business. Pay only for the response times you need, and nothing more.

Local Network Connectivity

Access your remote assets quickly and simply, as though they were connected to your local network with our Layer 3 VPN. All without the need for clunky and unreliable VPN software.


  • Delivered over our own TasmaNet high-performance network
  • Super fast, reliable, unlimited data
  • Local support - we've got your back