Our Network

As communications technology improves, businesses are increasingly capable of being distributed across multiple sites. Vastnet takes the headaches out of connecting distributed sites together into a single, cohesive, and secure private network. Our extensive network coupled with our global partnerships, allow us to connect you to your business assets anywhere in the world.

Why choose Vastnet for your Business Data needs?

Technologies we offer

Optional Extras

Static IP Address

Multiple Static IP Addresses are available for your services.

Managed Service

Vastnet can fully manage your service from end-to-end including Routers, Switches, Wireless Access Points and Firewalls.

4G Redundancy

By coupling a 4G enabled router with a 4G sim, Vastnet is able to provide 4G failover / redundancy for your services.

Network Firewall

Virtual and Hardware Gateway Firewalls are available to ensure your network remains secure.


Utilising MPLS and SD-WAN, Vastnet can assist in linking multiple business locations together as a WAN to allow for enhanced collaboration and communication.